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On-line Photo Album - The Proposal
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The Proposal
"Operation SPAM"
(April Fools Day, 2003)

The first time we traveled together, we found ourselves drinking champagne and watching the sunset from The Signature Room, an upscale restaurant at the top of the John Hancock building. Karen commented that the establishment advertised itself as being "the most romantic restaurant in town", and more couple had become engaged there than any other place in Chicago. Being the first time the subject of marriage had come up, it seemed natural two years later to propose at (you guessed it) the John Hancock Building (Albuquerque)...

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In town on business, Mike invited Punkin' (a.k.a. Sweet-P) to a reception.

Upon arriving, Punkin' followed the signs...

... to the "Software Pirates Against Microsoft" (SPAM) reception???

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Not want to waist any time, Punkin' rushed to meet Mike's computer hacker buddies. But when she got to the cocktail party, it was just Mike waiting (with a rose, champagne & strawberries)... ... and a ring!!!
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Operation SPAM completed!

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